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Hello there!

You’re in uncharted territory now. Hop on to the passenger seat and fasten your seatbelt. 

Let me take you on a spine-tingling escapade. 

A x


Create undiscovered worlds: 

Join us as co-conspirators to blend fact and fiction like never before.

A reality heist.  



Experience entertainment: 


For us, you are the protagonist.

It’s all about you, darling. 


Rewrite the story: 

This is your chance to puppeteer and make your what if’s come true.


Fables and fantasies, both welcome. 

About Us:

Hitcher Encounters, formed in 2020, is a UK-based immersive and interactive entertainment company that specialises in experimental productions. These unconventional experiences break the expected separation between audience and performers while seamlessly blending theatre with a diverse range of multimedia platforms. 


Leveraging cutting-edge immersive technologies such as binaural audio and VR, we craft multisensory, pervasive projects that merge fiction with reality. Each production is intricately designed with bespoke and personal moments that tailor our fables to each participant and give them the agency to make decisions within the narrative.


Our encounters range from a whirlwind journey of hedonistic escapism to intimate performances that are augmented to fit into your everyday lives. 


In 2023,  winner of the 2022 No Proscenium Audience Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Audio Experiences, Hitcher Encounters became the first ever Digital Associate Artists of stage@leeds. 


Audience Agency: Our audience are not just spectators but are cast as characters within the story. 


Multisensorial: We attain a heightened level of immersion through multimedia and technology across our projects.  


Human Connection: Even though each individual project will take them on an emotional journey, we ensure our audiences leave with a feeling of connection and empathy. 

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