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We are your Driver.  You are our Hitcher.  Destination: Unknown

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Our work blends theatre with other storytelling mediums, and merges fiction with reality, to guide our audiences into a whirlwind of hedonistic escapism.


Our experiences are created with unique and authentic stories shaped through game play and is delivered in a myriad of forms. As game makers, we help our audiences navigate their way through their own personally tailored journey.



WHO we are

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We are a female-led, interactive immersive theatre company who create accessible shows that provide a platform for people to connect.


At Hitcher Encounters, we believe that our audience must be at the heart of every encounter, and strive for a lasting impactful relationship with them.




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Audience-centric immersive and interactive theatre that connects our participants.  

To see more information on our projects view our Projects Page.

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