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Meet Our Artistic Director

Arathi Suresh | Artistic Director & Producer 

“I want to create extraordinary experiences for ordinary people.”

Arathi Suresh is a theatre practitioner, dancer and marketeer. As the Artistic Director, she is the creative force driving every concept to production at Hitcher Encounters. Her vision for the company is fueled by a passion for crafting experiences reminiscent of the thrill of hitchhiking. Arathi envisions the audience as fellow adventurers, taking a leap of faith into uncharted territory. Along the journey, they're encouraged to delve into introspection and forge connections. She is thrilled by the boundless potential of intermediality and seeks to probe the convergence of alternative, virtual, and constructed realities.


She contributed to KPMG’s Shape 2040 report: a ground-breaking program to challenge the next generation of leaders. 


Other credits include:




The Silenced Screams (2023)

[Writer, Director and Sound Designer]

An audio-documentary exhibition based on testimonies by survivors of Boko Haram with University of Leeds, Allamin Foundation, Al Fitrah Academy and Guardians Worldwide. 


Hidden Figures: WW2 (2022)


An immersive theatre production that examines Britain’s wartime diversity with humour and play. 



Kalakshetra Vilasini, Smt. Shailaja Sreekumar, Dr. Shashikala Ravi (Ramayana, Dashavataram amongst many), Devika Rao (Yaa Devi amongst many) and Balbir Singh (Cricket Green).

She received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Oman in 2013. 




Account Executive at The 5th Wall 

Marketing Assistant at Punchdrunk (The Burnt City)

Marketing Analyst at L’Oreal UK (Redken & Pureology) 

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