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How is this experience structured?

Once you have booked your ticket, we will contact you via email to provide you with details. You will be called by one of our handlers on the hour of your selected time slot. There is only one live interaction per audience member so please do not ring after you have experienced your call. You can also expect some form of correspondence from us via email and text after the experience.


How long does this experience last?

Each phone call experience will last for approximately 40 - 45 min. 

How many people does one ticket admit? 

Our arcade admits only person per ticket. Please ensure you provide two different phone numbers or ensure both people have access to the same number if you are buying two tickets together. This makes sure all audiences get the best experience.


What is expected of an audience member?

This show is a one-on-one interactive phone call. We expect our audience members to interact, however, the level of interaction entirely depends on you. The choose-your-own-adventure style enables you, the audience member, to take control and make choices within the narrative that affect the experience and the story as much or as little as you like. We invite you to play along with us in this fleeting moment of transience, where your choices matter. 


I am an audience member outside of the USA. Can I still book the ticket including the live phone call?

Yes. We offer a live phone call for all audience members through WhatsApp. The phone call will however be in English. 


Is there anything I need to do before the experience?

Before your time slot please make sure you have downloaded the WhatsApp app available on Android and Apple phones. Please ensure this is on the device that you would like to be called on so the numbers match. Make sure your name matches the name on your ticket. 


Why do you need my email address and phone number and how will my information be stored?

We need your email address to contact you with further details of the show. We need your phone number in order to ring you for the experience. Your information will be stored in compliance with the GDPR rules and regulations. 

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