We're All Strangers Here

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‘Even though I never saw her again, I remember her face to this day.’

Join us in flying to France. Visit the beautiful city of Paris and have an encounter never to forget.

Inspired by the stories of Matthew George Walsh. 

Interviews & Reviews

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The reciprocity of We're All Strangers Here, especially in the phone call, plays into the exciting tension between the creator and viewer

- Elizabeth Sorrel, The Indiependent

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Hitcher Encounters has a particularly unique approach to insightful theatre and immersive entertainment, and in turn is bridging a gap between people, isolation and the thing we've all been yearning for - connection. 

- Elsa Monteith, Voice

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This presents a measure of kinaesthetic experience: the heat of the mug and the scent of the drink, as I listen to the sounds of a coffee shop around me. Ah, the memory of coffee shops! With my eyes closed. I immediately recall a favorite booth 

- Shelley Snyder, No Proscenium 

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The clips have an organic feel to them, as if they’re real life scenarios playing out around you rather than feeling performance-like, adding to the production’s charm

- Lucy Basaba, Theatre Full Stop