Transience. A fleeting thrill. 


Hitcher Encounters’ newly curated intimate performance whisks you through a suspenseful adventure. A one-on-one interactive experience set in the ether of your phone lines. 

This is a game of choices. You have one life and one game. Complete the mission. Trust no-one.


How do you choose to play? Will you take up the challenge? 


Dial in to choose your own adventure. 


This is your chance to plunge into a Transience. 


Choose wisely. 




We're all Strangers Here

In the midst of a time where we are more disconnected than ever, Hitcher Encounters brings you, We're All Strangers Here.

Based on real stories, our mini series of audio experiences, each told from a different perspective, shines light on the ways our journeys are entangled.

Take our hand, let yourself slip into each person’s shoes, travelling across the world and time. This is just a beginning...

We’re all strangers here is a series of 4 binaural metanarratives and a live phone call that takes you from Pakistan, to France, to America, and Mexico via land and sky. This project explores human connection through 6 different characters.

By Daedalus

The Labyrinth Project is a new age theatrical experience which offers you a journey of self-discovery from the comfort of your own home. 

Through a meditative 7-day long
experience, you will enter a new world of wondrous possibilities.


Navigate a revolutionised and re-imagined maze of challenges, through which you will test your limits and encounter your true self.

Our project aims to unlock the furthest corners of your mind and to discover your deeper self.


Fiction and reality blur as you live in this momentary escape from our halted world.

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The Labyrinth Project