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Project Vanguard

a modern day Scottish odessey

A surreal co-incidence.

A cryptic message. 


From the embers of a nightmarish inferno rises a bone-chilling mystery.

In 2018, a blaze shrouded in mystery engulfed the Glasgow School of Art, its origins eluding investigators for four long years. Amid bureaucratic hurdles and political entanglements, law enforcement failed to acknowledge the mysterious disappearance of a woman on the same night, despite the absence of a body or any plausible explanation. She had an eerie connection to a prior fire, sparked by an overheated projector.


Jonathan Richter and Michael Hamoaka receive a cryptic fax from a Dr. Catriona Bryce, just as the 10th Immersive Learning Research Organization’s Conference takes shape. Join Hitcher Encounters to probe this shadowy figure living in an uncharted metaverse. 


Ready to plunge?

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