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g    e    n    e    s    i    s

in partnership with immersive Learning Research Network

17th of June 2023

The world as we know it is in jeopardy. Rumour has it that the sinister Dr. Roberto Nasir, who mysteriously disappeared six months ago, is back and ready to launch his latest invention, genesis. Moreover, our expert group of data scientists have just reported that he is looking to hire participants for his final set of trials for this ‘world changing’ machine. 

Join a global team of high performing individuals to track and bring down one of the most dangerous fugitives of the scientific community. 


Genesis, Hitcher Encounters’ latest metaverse experience, welcomes all adventure loving game players and immersive theatre enthusiasts.


Genesis is Hitcher Encounters' latest metaverse experience where ARG meets immersive theatre. This is a 2-hour online experience that blurs the line between fiction and reality.


In this experience, you, the game player are one of Hitcher Encounters detective recruits tasked to beat the evil Dr. Roberto Nasir in a thrilling race against time.

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