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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this experience structured?

Once you have booked your ticket, we will contact you via email to provide you with details. Across 30th and 31st of May you will be contacted via emails, Whatsapp messages, discord and Virbella.You will be grouped into teams of 4 - 7 with whom you are expected to play the game with. It will include puzzles, decision making and interaction with actors and other participants via multimedia.

How long does this experience last?

This is a 2 day experience which starts on the 30th May and ends on the 31st 2022. This experience is designed to sit alongside the online activities of the iLRN Conference - it will not hinder you attending any of the events.

What is expected of an audience member? 

This is an interactive experience and you will be contacted via emails, Whatsapp messages, discord and Virbella. There is one instance where you have a chance to speak to an actor directly. Also, you will benefit best if you keep your detective hat on!

Why do you need my email address and phone number and how will my information be stored?

We need your email address to contact you with further details of the show. We need your email address and phone number in order to contact you as part of the performance. Your information will be stored in compliance with the GDPR rules and regulations. If you have any more GDPR questions, feel free to get in contact with us on


What can you expect from us?

Expect us to use all forms of contact and information that has been provided by you to immerse you in a world of game play. 

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